Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I need blogging decor for dummies!

From time to time I glance around at a few folks blogs and when I get on their pages, all I can say is WOW! The decorations and widgets and gadets just are amazing and then I say to my self, damnit Im gonna figure how to make my page pretty, and BAM...nothin!

Now Im thinking to myself, I figured out how to navigate myspace with all the codes and other programs that use HTML for odds and ends but why for the life of me, has decorating my blog stumped me?

I pretty sure one night I spent a good 2 hours copy and pasting and editing and looking and felt like an incomplete moron...any blog friends want to help me out? Im thinking if I add some spice to my blog Ill be more apt to use it!


  1. I love
    EASY and also has detailed instructions...let me know if you like...

  2. Thanks for the idea...but for now Im looking for the free stuff. I dont blog enough to pay for anything right now! :)

  3. These are free! That's why I love them...LOL Well, and they are cute too...Just click "freebies" tab ((I think))

  4. JACKPOT!!!! wow!! Im gonna find something here, fo sho! Thanks!!

  5. I love the Layouts at LeeLou, but am in search of some that are as easy (and cute) to mix it up a little...Any luck?